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SHA5223-XT   Shakespeare 5223-Xt 8' Cb Antenna
SHA5225-FLT   Shakespeare 5225-Flt 8' Vhf Antenna
SHA5225-XP   Shakespeare 5225-Xp 8' Vhf Antenna
SHA5225-XT   Shakespeare 5225-Xt 8' Vhf Antenna
SHA5226-XT   Shakespeare 5226-Xt 8' Black Vhf Antenna
SHA5228   Shakespeare 5228 8' Heavy-Duty Extension Mast
SHA5228-4   Shakespeare 5228-4 4' Heavy - Duty Extension Mast
SHA5230   Shakespeare 5230 14' Vhf Antenna
SHA5237-XT   Shakespeare 5237-Xt 8' Cellular Antenna
SHA5240-R   Shakespeare 5240-R 36" Vhf Antenna
SHA5241-R   Shakespeare 5241 3' Vhf Antenna
SHA5244   Shakespeare 5244 36" Vhf Antenna Nylon Ferrule 10' Cbl
SHA5247   Shakespeare 5247 36" Vhf Antenna
SHA5247-A   Shakespeare 5247 36" Vhf Antenna
SHA5248   Shakespeare 5248 2ft Wi-Fi Antenna
SHA5250-AIS   Shakespeare 5250-Ais 36" Low-Profile Ais Stainless Steel Whip Antenna
SHA5300   Shakespeare 5300 28' SSB Antenna 2pc Mast Mount Special Order Truck Freight
SHA5308-R   Shakespeare 5308r 23' SSB Antenna Special Order Truck Freight
SHA5309R   Shakespeare 5309r 23' Vhf Antenna Special Order Truck Freight
SHA5310R   Shakespeare 5310r 23' Ssb Antenna Special Order Truck Freight
SHA5318   Shakespeare 5318 17' 6" Cellular Antenna
SHA5396-AIS   Shakespeare 5396-Ais Galaxy 4ft. Little Giant
SHA5399   Shakespeare 5399 9'6" Vhf Antenna - Two Piece
SHA5400-XP   Shakespeare 5400-Xp 4' Vhf Antenna
SHA5400-XT   Shakespeare 5400-Xt Galaxy 4' Vhf Antenna
SHA5400-XTM   Shakespeare 5400-Xtm 4' Galaxy Vhf Antenna
SHA5401-XT   Shakespeare 5401-Xt Galaxy 4' Antenna
SHA5410-XT   Shakespeare 5410-Xt 4' Cellular Antenna
SHA5411-XT   Shakespeare 5411-Xt 4' Cellular Antenna
SHA5412-P   Shakespeare 5412-P 2' Cellular Antenna
SHA5415   Shakespeare 5415 2 Ft. Galaxy Style Vhf
SHA5420-XT   Shakespeare 5420-Xt 4' Am/Fm Antenna
SHA5421-XT   Shakespeare 5421-Xt 4' Black Am / Fm Antenna
SHA5440   Shakespeare 5440 3' Ss Vhf Sailboat Antenna W/60' Cable
SHA5445   Shakespeare 5445 3' Vhf Stainless Steel Antenna W/Wind Vane
SHA5801-S   Shakespeare 5801-S 2' Cel Ant W/ Right Angle Bracket
SHA5910   Shakespeare 5910 16" Emergency Vhf Antenna 20' Cable
SHA5911   Shakespeare 5911 10" Vhf Antenna
SHA6006   Shakespeare 6006 4" Stainless Steel Ferrule
SHA6018   Shakespeare 6018 Phase Iii 18'4" Marine Vhf Antenna
SHA6390   Shakespeare 6390 Phase Iii Ssb Marine Antenna Special Order Truck Freight
SHA6396-AIS   Shakespeare 6396-Ais Phase Iii Marine Ais Antenna
SHA81-S   Shakespeare 81-S Stainless Steel Swivel Mount
SHA5215AIS   Shakespeare Ais 5215-Ais 36" Squatty Body Antenna F/Sailboats
SHA5235-XT   Shakespeare Am/Fm 8 Ft 5235-Xt Galaxy
SHA6235   Shakespeare Am/Fm 8 Ft. 6235 Phase Iii Antenna
SHAART-3   Shakespeare Art-3 Antenna Radio Tester
SHAAS-2   Shakespeare As-2 Automatic Coaxial Switch
SHACA-VAT   Shakespeare Aura Ca-Vat Cellular Booster Kit For Verizon, At&T, T-Mobile
SHACA-A   Shakespeare Ca-A Amplifier Att 2/3/4g
SHACA-NEX   Shakespeare Ca-Nex Nextel Booster/Compensator
SHACA-T   Shakespeare Ca-T Amplifier T-Mobile 2/3/4g
SHACA-V   Shakespeare Ca-V Amplifier Verizon 2/3/4g
SHACDP-2   Shakespeare Cdp-2 Dash Mount Connector F/Cpa Cables
SHACS-2   Shakespeare Cs-2 Two-Way Coaxial Switch
SHAES-2   Shakespeare Es-2 Speaker Vhf Remote White
SHAES-4   Shakespeare Es-4 Speaker Vhf Remote White
SHA5224   Shakespeare Galaxy 5224 4' Dgps Beacon Antenna
SHA5390   Shakespeare Galaxy 5390 17'6" Ssb Antenna
SHAHS-2774-1-R   Shakespeare Galaxy 6.5' Broadband Antenna
SHAHS-5   Shakespeare Hs-5 15watt 40hm Speaker
SHA5250   Shakespeare Low Profile Skinny Mini Vhf Antenna - 36"
SHANM-8-213-G   Shakespeare Nm-8-213-G Male N Connector F/Rg-8u & Rg-213 Cable
SHANM-8X-G   Shakespeare Nm-8x-G Male N Connector F/Rg-8x Cable
SHA6420   Shakespeare Phase Iii 4' Am/Fm Antenna
SHA6400   Shakespeare Phase Iii 4' Vhf Antenna
SHA6410   Shakespeare Phase Iii 6410 4' Cellular Antenna
SHA6237   Shakespeare Phase Iii 8' Cellular Antenna
SHAPL-258-CP-G   Shakespeare Pl-258-Cp-G Gold Splice Connector For Rg-8x Or Rg-58/Au Coax.
SHAPL-258-G   Shakespeare Pl-258-G Barrel Connector
SHAPL-258-L-G   Shakespeare Pl-258-L Barrel Connector
SHAPL-259-58-G   Shakespeare Pl-259-58-G Gold Solder-Type Connector W/Ug175 Adapter & Doodad Cable Strain Relief F/Rg-58x
SHAPL-259-8X-G   Shakespeare Pl-259-8x-G Solder-Type Connector W/Ug176 Adapter & Doodad&Reg Cable Strain Relief F/Rg-8x Coax
SHAPL-259-CP-G   Shakespeare Pl-259-Cp-G Pl-259 Connector For Rg-8x Or Rg-58/Au Coax. Gold Plated
SHAPL-259-G   Shakespeare Pl-259-G Standard Marine Radio - Antenna Connector
SHARA259239G   Shakespeare Right Angle Pl259 To So239 Adapter Gold Plated
SHA3020   Shakespeare Seawatch 3020 Marine Tv Antenna - 14" - Dc Only
SHASRA-25   Shakespeare Sirius Sra-25 Satellite Radio Antenna
SHASM-30   Shakespeare Sm-30 Surface Mount Kit For Galaxy Sra-30 Satellite Radio Antenna
SHASM-31   Shakespeare Sm-31 Pedestal Mounting Kit For Galaxy Sra-30 Satellite Radio Antenna
SHASRA-40   Shakespeare Sra-40 Sirius / Xm Antenna W/ Pedestal Mount
SHASRC-35   Shakespeare Src-35 35' Rg-58 Cable Kit F/Sra-12 & Sra-30
SHASRC-50   Shakespeare Src-50 50' Rg-58 Cable Kit For Sra-12 & Sra-30
SHASRC-90   Shakespeare Src-90 90' Rg-8x Statellite Radio Antenna Cable
SHASRC25   Shakespeare Src25 25' Cable Replacement F/Sra30/40
SHASRS-3-KIT   Shakespeare Srs-3 Splitter
SHA4008   Shakespeare Style 4008 Extension Mast
SHA4008-4   Shakespeare Style 4008-4 Extension Mast
SHA407   Shakespeare Style 407
SHA414   Shakespeare Style 414 Shim Kit For Ratchet Mounts
SHA418   Shakespeare Style 418 Round Shim Kit
SHATNC-BC-G   Shakespeare Tnc-Bc-G Barrel Connector For Tnc-Ended Cables
SHATNCM-58-G   Shakespeare Tncm-58-G Tnc Type Male Connector For Rg-58x Coax
SHATV1060   Shakespeare Tv1060 Screw-On F Connector (2-Pak)
SHA5216   Shakespeare Vhf 15in 5216 Ss Black Whip Antenna - Bracket Included
SHA5218   Shakespeare Vhf 19" 5218 Black Ss Whip Antenna - Magnetic Mount
SHA5242-A   Shakespeare Vhf 36in 5242-A Ss Whip Low Profile End-Fed Antenna - No Cable
SHA5912   Shakespeare Vhf 7in 5912 Rubber Duck Antenna
SHA6225   Shakespeare Vhf 8 Ft. 6225 Phase Iii Antenna - No Cable
SHU990   Shurhold 10" Polypropylene Stiff Bristle Deck Brush
SHU985   Shurhold 10" Polystyrene Medium Bristle Deck Brush
SHU980   Shurhold 10" Polystyrene Soft Bristle Brush
SHU713   Shurhold 13" Fixed Length Handle
SHU730   Shurhold 30" Fixed Length Handle
SHU730FG   Shurhold 30" Fixed Length Handle W/Finger Grips
SHU740   Shurhold 40" Fixed Length Handle
SHU50   Shurhold 5" Round Polystyrene Soft Brush F/ Windows, Hulls, & Wheels
SHU970   Shurhold 6" Nylon Extra Soft Bristles Deck Brush
SHU950   Shurhold 6" Polypropylene Stiff Bristle Deck Brush
SHU955   Shurhold 6" Polystyrene Medium Bristle Deck Brush
SHU960   Shurhold 6" Polystyrene Soft Bristles Deck Brush
SHU833   Shurhold 6' Telescoping Handle 43" - 72"
SHU760   Shurhold 60" Fixed Length Handle
SHU760FG   Shurhold 60" Fixed Length Handle W/Finger Grip
SHU310   Shurhold 8" Nylon Soft Brush F/ Windows, Hulls, & Wheels
SHU308   Shurhold 8" Soft Brush F/ Windows, Hulls, & Wheels
SHU855   Shurhold 9' Telescoping Handle 63" - 108"
SHU2110   Shurhold Hammerhead Quick Release Brush
SHUKITMB   Shurhold Marine Maintenance Kit - Basic
SHUKITMD   Shurhold Marine Maintenance Kit - Deluxe
SHUKITMI   Shurhold Marine Maintenance Kit - Intermediate
SHU265   Shurhold Shur-Dry Adapter F/ Waterblade
SHU260   Shurhold Shur-Dry Water Blade
SHU102CH   Shurhold Shur-Lok 10" Curved Adapter
SHU1410   Shurhold Shur-Lok 10" Squeegee
SHU1412   Shurhold Shur-Lok 12" Squeegee
SHU1416   Shurhold Shur-Lok 16" Squeegee
SHU1424   Shurhold Shur-Lok 24" Floor Squeegee
SHU103H   Shurhold Shur-Lok 30" Extension
SHU1408   Shurhold Shur-Lok 8" Squeegee
SHU130   Shurhold Shur-Lok Boat Hook
SHU1703   Shurhold Shur-Lok Coarse Scrubber - (2 Pack)
SHU112   Shurhold Shur-Lok Cotton String Mop
SHU1822   Shurhold Shur-Lok Crab Net - 12" X 13" X 15"
SHU117   Shurhold Shur-Lok Deluxe "Water Sprite" Mop
SHU1701   Shurhold Shur-Lok Fine Scrubber Pad (2-Pack)
SHU1804   Shurhold Shur-Lok Gaff Hook
SHU1820   Shurhold Shur-Lok Landing Net - 17" X 20" X 30"
SHU1702   Shurhold Shur-Lok Medium Scrubber Pad - (2 Pack)
SHU1901   Shurhold Shur-Lok Paddle
SHU118   Shurhold Shur-Lok Rayon String Mop
SHU1825   Shurhold Shur-Lok Shrimp & Shad Dip Net - 17" X 20" X 30"
SHU113   Shurhold Shur-Lok Soft 'N' Thirsty Mop
SHU1710C   Shurhold Shur-Lok Swivel Pad Combo
SHU101   Shurhold Shur-Lok Threaded Adapter
SHU1710   Shurhold Synthetic Lambs Wool Replacement Cover F/Shur-Lok Swivel Pad
SIT1700-120   Si-Tex 120khz Bronze Thru-Hull Transducer F/Sdd-110
SIT408P-120   Si-Tex 120khz Lexan Low-Profile Thru-Hull Transducer F/Sdd-110
SIT250-120   Si-Tex 120khz Tm Transducer F/Sdd-110
SIT1700-50-200T   Si-Tex 1700 50/200t Transducer
SIT1700-50-200T-CX   Si-Tex 1700/50/200t-Cx Transducer F/Svs-650, Cvs-126 & Cvs-128
SIT81167   Si-Tex 18cu Pumpset 12v
SIT236-120ST   Si-Tex 250/120st Transom Mount Transducer
SIT236-50-200ST   Si-Tex 250/50/200st Tm Transducer (8 Pin)
SIT250C-50-200ST-CX   Si-Tex 250c/50/200st-Cx Tm Transducer F/Cvs-126 & Cvs-128
SIT300-50-200T   Si-Tex 300/50/200t Bronze Thru-Hull Transducer
SIT307-50-200T   Si-Tex 307-50-200t 8p F/ Cvs-832
SIT307-50-200-CX   Si-Tex 307/50/200t-Cx Thru-Hull Transducer F/Svs-650, Cvs-126 & Cvs-128
SIT81783   Si-Tex 30ci Pumpset 12vdc
SIT492-50-200ST   Si-Tex 492/50/200st Transom Mount Transducer F/ Es502
SIT494-50-200   Si-Tex 494/50/200 In-Hull Transducer F/ Es502
SIT494-50-200-ES   Si-Tex 494/50/200 In-Hull Transducer F/ Es502
SIT496-50-200ST   Si-Tex 496/50/200st Bronze Thru-Hull Triducer W/Fairing Block F/Es502
SIT500-50-200ST   Si-Tex 500/50/200st Bronze Thru-Hull
SIT500-50-200ST-CX   Si-Tex 500/50/200st-Cx Transducer F/Svs-650, Cvs-126 & Cvs-128
SIT706-50-200T   Si-Tex 706/50/200t Bronze Thru-Hull Transducer
SIT707-50-200T   Si-Tex 707/50/200t F/ Cvs-832
SIT707-50-200T-CX   Si-Tex 707/50/200t-Cx Thru-Hull Transducer F/Cvs-126 & Cvs-128
SITAISRADAR   Si-Tex Ais 5" Lcd Display
SITAISBLACKBOX   Si-Tex Ais Black Box Automatic Identification System Receiver
SITB-164-0-CX   Si-Tex B-164-0 Cx 1kw Ducer F/ Cvs-128 Cvs-1410
SITB-164-12-CX   Si-Tex B-164-12-Cx 1kw Ducer F/ Cvs-128 Cvs-1410
SITB-164-20-CX   Si-Tex B-164-20-Cx 1kw Ducer F/ Cvs-128 Cvs-1410
SITB-60-0-CX   Si-Tex B-60-0-Cx Tilted Element Transducer F/Svs-650, Cvs-126 & Cvs-128
SITB-60-0-ES   Si-Tex B-60-0-Es Tilted Element Ducer F/ Ec5f Ec7f Es502
SITB-60-12   Si-Tex B-60-12 Tilted Element Transducer F/Cvs126 & Cvs128
SITB-60-12-ES   Si-Tex B-60-12-Es Tilt Element Ducer F/ Ec5f Ec7f Es502
SITB-60-20   Si-Tex B-60-20 Tilted Element Transducer F/Cvs-126 & Cvs-128
SITB-60-20-ES   Si-Tex B-60-20-Es Tilt Element Ducer F/ Ec5f Ec7f Es502
SIT189-50-200T-ES   Si-Tex B258 189/50/200t-Es 1kw Thru-Hull Ducer F/Ec5f, Ec7f & Es502
SITB744V-CX   Si-Tex B744v Thru-Hull Triducer 600kw, 50/200khz F/Svs-750, Cvs-126 & Cvs-128
SITCOLORMAX15   Si-Tex Colormax 15" Chartplotter
SITCOLORMAXWIDEINTERNAL   Si-Tex Colormax Wide 7" Panoramic Lcd W/Internal Antenna
SITCVS-128   Si-Tex Cvs 128 8.4" Digital Color Fishfinder
SITCVS-126   Si-Tex Cvs-126 Dual Frequency Color Echo Sounder
SITSITCVS1262   Si-Tex Cvs-126 Dual Frequency Color Echo Sounder W/600kw Thru-Hull Tranducer 307/50/200t-Cx
SITCVS-1266TH1   Si-Tex Cvs-126 Dual Frequency Color Echo Sounder W/600kw Thru-Hull Transducer 1700/50/200t-Cx
SITSITCVS1263   Si-Tex Cvs-126 Dual Frequency Color Echo Sounder W/B60 12&Deg; Transducer B-60-12-Cx
SITCVS-1266020   Si-Tex Cvs-126 Dual Frequency Color Echo Sounder W/B60 20&Deg; Transducer B-60-20-Cx
SITCVS-126744   Si-Tex Cvs-126 Dual Frequency Color Echo Sounder W/B744v Thru-Hull Transducer
SITSITCVS1261   Si-Tex Cvs-126 Dual Frequency Color Echo Sounder W/Transom Mount Triducer 250/50/200st-Cx
SITCVS-1410   Si-Tex Cvs-1410 Dual Freq Color 10.4" Lcd Fishfinder 1kw No Ducer
SITDAC   Si-Tex Digital A Cable - Adapts Older Si-Tex Trasducers To Current Models
SITEC11   Si-Tex Ec11 Chartplotter
SITEC5E   Si-Tex Ec5e Chartplotter W/External Antenna
SITEC5EF   Si-Tex Ec5ef Chartplotter W/External Antenna & Fishfinder
SITEC5IF   Si-Tex Ec5if Chartplotter W/Internal Antenna & Fishfinder
SITEC7FMKIT   Si-Tex Ec7 Flush Mount Kit
SITEC7E   Si-Tex Ec7e Chartplotter W/External Antenna

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