How To Select Marine Underwater Lights

Lighting that can illuminate under the water are perfect for outrigger spreaders and can be placed under the hull or on the transom. Whether you're a fisher, angler or just like to boat at night, marine underwater lights can be perfect for you. They've been around for years, but now they're more technologically advanced. Of course. . ...Read more

How To Determine Wattage Needed For A Marine Handheld Radio

Boating and spending time on the water can be an exciting and fun experience. Many people prefer to get onto the water whenever possible, as it's a relaxing and pleasurable experience. However, it's necessary to communicate with other boaters and be safe during your trip, so you're safe and your beautiful day isn't ruined, which is why a marine handheld radio is a necessity. . ...Read more

Choosing The Right Marine GPS Chartplotter

When selecting a marine GPS chartplotter, it's important to understand how you’ll use the navigational tool, how much you want to pay and where it will be placed. Likewise, it's important to know that other gear can be used in conjunction with the device, and it can help to understand all these options thoroughly. ...Read more

How A Boat Autopilot Works And Why You Need One

Most people incorrectly believe that a boat autopilot allows you to press a few buttons, and the vessel immediately goes in a straight line. While it would be good if there were a device that did that, it’s not quite as simple as pressing a button and then leaving it alone. That being said, autopilots can still be an excellent device for the average boater and should be considered. ...Read more

4 Things to Consider When Buying a Boat Autopilot

With summer officially here, boating season kicks into high gear everywhere. If you're a boat owner or a boating enthusiast, there's nothing more exhilarating and exciting than hitting the open water for a relaxing time on the lake or sea. ...Read more

Marine Radios Are Convenient and Even Fun to Own

Marine radios can be found on most large ships and smaller seagoing vessels, and are used to summon rescue boats and communicate with bridges, marinas, harbors and many other locations...Read more

Humminbird Depth Finders Comes in Many Types and Price Ranges

Depth finders are devices used to measure the depth of water for fishing and navigation purposes. There are many types of depth finders, including those involving sonar technology, and they can also be used to determine the depth of certain objects below the sea...Read more

7 Tips for Buying Marine Electronics Right for Your Boat

Buying electronics for use in a marine setting doesn’t have to stump you. Read on for tips on how you can successfully pull this off:...Read more

ChartPlotters: Advantages and Handy Tips to Know

Going out to sea means you'll have to take along the proper equipment with you. If you don't have any idea what guides to follow in getting yourself a GPS chartplotter, no worries. Here's what you need to know:...Read more

4 Essential Tips for Nighttime Boating

Boating at night can be dangerous. You need the appropriate lightning to ensure your safety while you’re at sea. Taken with the proper precautions, though, nighttime boating can be a thrilling experience....Read more

3 Perks and Tips of Underwater Lights

With the way led lights have made it possible for corporate and residential lighting to save on consumption and costs, it was only a matter of time before the boating industry followed suit....Read more

Handy Autopilot Features to Look For

If you aren’t exploring your autopilot to its full capacity, you might be missing out on some nifty features. Here’s how you can set your autopilot to provide you with better performance at sea...Read more

Fish Finders: 5 Handy Points to Know

Having the right fish finder can mean the difference between a good day’s catch and a pitiful one. If you want to improve your fishing game, here are a few main points you need to know before you pick a fish finder....Read more

Winch Tips for Your Boat and Trailer

The wrong winch can spell trouble for you at sea. So know how to pick the right one. The first one to check is: ...Read more

4 Reasons Radio Trumps Your Cellphone at Sea

If you already have a cellphone, do you still need a radio at sea? Some people, uninitiated in the ways of boating, may answer yes. That’s a common misconception, one that could put you in a great deal of danger, especially if you don’t see the value of a VHF handheld radio. Here’s why they matter: ...Read more

Find Your Fish With Humminbird Depth Finders

Fishing isn't about just sitting and waiting, but being pro-active. You can wait for the fish to come to you, but it is a better idea to go out and find them. Making sure you are well-informed about the water, including its temperature and depth, can help you find the fish or navigate your boat smoothly. Boaters and divers need to know the depths they are dealing with for better performance and safety. Humminbird depth finders will give you the information you need when you embark on your aquatic journey...
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Find Your Way on the Water with a Marine GPS Chartplotter

Always know where you are going on the water and locate that hot fishing spot with a marine GPS Chartplotter. Take the guesswork out of navigation and make sure you will always find that favorite aquatic location with an advanced Chartplotter. Look for a GPS plotter that processes locations quickly and has zooming and plotting capabilities. Use a touch-screen to enter information at your fingertips and get the clearest picture possible with a zoom display. Quality devices will update positions regularly and track the movement of your vessel...
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What to Look for in a VHF Marine Radio

Whether it is for safety or information, if you spend a significant amount of time on the water, you may need a VHF marine radio. The radio can be a lifesaver in a dangerous situation, and can enable you to make contact with another boat or ship. There are many types of VHF radios. Some are handheld, and others are a permanent part of your vessel. For small boats, it is a good idea to opt for a handheld that has long battery life. If you own a larger boat or a yacht, a VHF radio should be installed alongside your steering equipment...
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