4 Essential Tips for Nighttime Boating

Boating at night can be dangerous. You need the appropriate lightning to ensure your safety while you’re at sea. Taken with the proper precautions, though, nighttime boating can be a thrilling experience. Read on for a list of useful tips you’ll need to know before you can go for a nighttime boat ride:

1. Go slow

Safeco Insurance says that given the limited visibility in the water, you’ll need to be extra careful to ensure you don’t hit anyone else. While the darkness might make it seem like you’re alone in the universe, keep in mind that your boat won’t be the only one in the water. Know the right-way of rules, whether you’re on land or sea.

2. Check the lights

Roads and Maritime offers the following checklist for your navigation lights. Make sure you check every last one on the list. You wouldn’t want to be stuck at out there, at the mercy of wind and tide, with crucial lighting gear broken and useless.

Check to see if the lights are switched on.

Check to see if the navigation lights are all in order and working in perfect condition

Turn off your cabin lights. This could make it harder for you to navigate.

If you’re dropping anchor for the night, make sure you’ve got a light source that goes around the boat and surrounds it with white light. Arrange the light in a way that allows it to be visible through a 360-degree arc. That way, no one can miss it, so you can prevent other boats and vessels from hitting you in the middle of the night.

3. Have the right lights

The right light can save you at the right time when you’re out boating at night. This means you need to have your marine flood lights with you, along with the sidelights, stern lights, masthead light and others. Failure to check the condition of these lights or have them fixed and repaired if they’re broken can result in an accident. Don’t let that happen. Be vigilant with your lights. The more visible you are at night, the safer you, your crew and your passengers will be.

4. Don’t get drunk

A lot of people come to boat parties enjoy some dancing and drinking. However, if you’re the designated driver, make sure you never drink. Operating a boat while you’re drunk is the surest way to get into an accident.

So follow these safety tips for nighttime boating. Doing so will allow you to enjoy a safe and relaxing nighttime ride on your boat.