3 Perks and Tips of Underwater Lights

With the way led lights have made it possible for corporate and residential lighting to save on consumption and costs, it was only a matter of time before the boating industry followed suit. Still thinking about your underwater light options? Read on:

3 Facts About Boat Lights

1. Easy to install. Theyíre a breeze to install so you wonít have to suffer through installation woes, or worse: worry that youíve already broken the equipment when all you did was install it wrong. The quick installation also means youíll get this mounted and running in no time.

2. Attracts Fish. The Atlantic Marine Inc. says there are certain types of marine underwater lights, the LED kind, that attract fish to swim closer. If youíve got guests on board, this can be a great chance to experience some nighttime fishing. With the right lights, you can easily up your fishing game.

3. Improves visibility. The best advantage of these underwater lights is that they improve your visibility. While visibility isnít as much an issue during the day, at night, itís a different story. Itís pretty dark when youíre boating during the night. Lights make you more visible, lowering the risk of other vessels bumping into yours and prevent any damage that could cause the boat to capsize.

Choosing the Right Kind

1. Range of choices. There are plenty of types of underwater lights that you can explore so choice isnít an issue. Set aside plenty of time to do a thorough research on what lights you need to make sure youíre making the right choice. Know what the lights are for, specifically. This can help you decide if you want to go for heavy-duty lights or the standard ones available in the market.

2. No mixed metals, says the Boating Mag. Thatís because the bronze or stainless-fittings on your aluminum hull can start a galvanic corrosion that could damage your hull. Plastic surface-mount lights work so much better if youíve got a metal boat.

3. Colors. Some actually prefer green light since these seem to attract fish the most. However, there are also plenty enough of underwater LED lights that allow you to change the hue of the lights with a command.

In the end, whatever underwater led lights you choose, just make sure youíve done a lot of the necessary research. Know the pros and cons of each product. That way, you canít go wrong with your final pick and take the right one back to your boat.