Marine Radios Are Convenient and Even Fun to Own

Marine radios can be found on most large ships and smaller seagoing vessels, and are used to summon rescue boats and communicate with bridges, marinas, harbors and many other locations. These radios usually use a very high frequency (VHF) range, usually from 156.0 through 162.025 MHz. These days, marine VHF radios perform basic transmitting and receiving services, but they also allow the operator to press a single button if the boat is in any kind of distress. At Hodges Marine, we offer a variety of VHF radios that include basic gauge styles, as well as hand-held styles, all at prices that won’t break the bank. With over 10 years of experience, we can offer our customers a wide range of products, reasonable prices and the convenience of ordering online.

Types of Radios

Our radio receivers include features such as an AM/FM tuner, weather band, excellent LCD display, back-lit illumination, rear USB and USB charging, RDS tuner and Bluetooth capability that allows you to stream music wirelessly through nearly every kind of digital device, including your mobile phone and iPad. Our gauge radios also come with an antenna and two speakers that are approximately 6½ inches in size. Gauge radios offer features that include a custom grill and peak power of 180 watts. In addition, we also offer hand-held radios that are exceptionally well-made and meant to last. They are submersible and include features such as an external speaker microphone, floats, an emergency strobe light, PWR seals, keys that glow in the dark, 11 hours of talk time, GPS compass, and an accessory battery tray. At Hodges Marine, our marine radios include major brands such as Boss, Uniden and Raymarine, among others, and start at approximately $75.

In addition to excellent radios, we also offer the accessories to go along with these radios, such as radio covers, antenna connectors and waterproof radio holders in both black and white. At Hodges Marine, our prices are always reasonable, and our wide selection means you will always find exactly what you need for your boating and fishing expeditions.

Contact Us First

When you’re shopping for any item found on a boat of any size, shopping at Hodges Marine first makes sense. We offer a variety of products, from radios to cameras and imaging products, and even metal detectors and safety equipment. We also offer the ease of ordering online, and we will ship your order out the same day we receive it. You can even create an online account that allows you to check the status of your order at any time. When looking for marine supplies, there is no need to look any further than Hodges Marine. We will make sure you have access to the variety you prefer and the prices you want.