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If you are lucky enough to have a boat, you likely enjoy the incredible joy that comes with sailing. But sailing can be a hassle at times-especially when you need to move your boat over land. Moving your boat on land can be more than a nuisance; if your boat is not properly secured to your trailer, you risk damaging both vehicles- especially the boat. To make sure all land moves go smoothly, you need a good trailer winch to hold your boat steady while on land. Not all trailer winches are made equal and at Hodges Marine Electronics, we offer a variety of trailer winches, and quality advice to help choose the best one for your individual situation.

Functions of A Trailer Winch:

Trailer winches are designed to help you load things onto and off of your trailer. When loading something as large and heavy as a boat, there is always a risk of damage to the trailer, the boat and yourself. However, having a good trailer winch minimizes the risks. In order to choose the trailer winch that is right for your boat, you must be aware of the types that are available, and have a good idea of the size of winch that your boat requires.

Electrical vs Manual Winches

There are two major types of trailer winches; electrical and manual. Manual winches require that you adjust the tightening cable by hand, which can be strenuous, but will also give you control over the amount of adjustment that you need to make as well as the tightness of the cable. Meanwhile, electrical trailer winches will automatically adjust, which saves on manual labor, but costs you control over the tightness.

Winch Size and Cable Importance

The size of the trailer winch that you require depends on the size of your boat. The cable is located within the trailer winch and can be pulled out to adjust to the size of your boat- this will be what keeps your boat secure. It is important to have a good quality cable and an appropriately sized in order to keep your boat firmly in place during transport.

Hodges Marine Electronics has the best

At Hodges Marine Electronic we specialize in selling and supporting marine products and have a great selection of products from major manufacturers at a low price. With over ten years' experience, our team can help you choose the right trailer winch depending on your physical preference and your boat's size.

We carry a variety of equipment for your sailing needs including binoculars, downriggers, bow thrusters and GPS. Each of our staff members is knowledgeable and happy to help you whether you are a first timer or an old timer. All of our equipment can be shipped right to your door from one of our many warehouses. Don't wait, call us today at 1-888-595-BOAT or visit us online at to make sure that your boat stays safe during land transport so that you can enjoy it in the water.