Life Vests/Survival Suit

Life Jackets & Survival Suits

We've gathered together a fantastic selection of inflatable personal flotation devices and immersion suits, including more than 200 products from Mustang, the industry leader. This includes top-of-the-line Mustang Water Rescue Dry Suits, available in sizes from medium to XXL, an Ice Rescue Suit and a whole line of anti-exposure coverall/worksuits in sizes up to XXXL.

Look closely through these pages for neoprene life vests and a comprehensive collection of PFDs and survival suits. You'll find the very best inflatable life vest for fishing, Coast Guard-approved, the most popular being the Mustang Elite 28K with auto HIT inflator (Hydrostatic Inflator Technology) that prevents accidental inflation by only inflating when submerged. You'll find your choice of manual as well as self-inflating life vests here.

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