Underwater Cameras

Underwater Fishing Cameras

If you're searching for the very best underwater fishing camera at an unbelievably low price, check out this Vexilar Underwater Camera called the Fishphone. Appropriately named, it works in tandem with your smart phone, either android or iOS, or your tablet through a Wi-Fi connection that allows you to operate this underwater fish finder video camera anywhere in the world, without the need for a cell phone signal.

Other marine camera system options featured in this category include the Luma-Vu hi-res color CCTV camera that can be connected to any available video input jack. This corrosion- and waterproof underwater boat camera utilizes the NTSC format and provides an exceptionally clear view of what lies beneath the water's surface. Also take a look at the second generation OceanLED Eyes underwater boat cameras. These high-resolution units are available in your choice of either the HD model or the NTSC model.

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